Energy Innovation

Energy Innovation

Energy Innovation


The Haynesville Shale brought compressed natural gas (CNG) to the table as a viable alternative fuel. Many city and parish
vehicles are being converted to run on CNG, which is more affordable, cleaner burning and supports the Haynesville Shale.
Despite price fluctuations, Haynesville Shale is the onset of LNG (liquid natural gas) and is certain to be long term providers to our national economy. Many nations see the benefits of natural gas and with the opportunity Louisiana and Northwest Louisiana have to provide this commodity, price increases and stabilization is sure to follow. In 2010, Bossier City opened new fueling stations, which provided for those vehicles and, hopefully, will encourage citizens to convert to this cleaner fuel. Many corporate citizens see the benefits to not only thick pocketbooks, but also, to this environment.

Louisiana Economic Development is currently focused on Gas to Liquid conversion, which will make transporting CNG easier and more affordable; it is also researching other fuel alternatives. These changes are very exciting for our community.

Haynesville Shale

The Haynesville Shale is a layer of sedimentary rock below the surface of northwestern Louisiana, southwestern Arkansas, and eastern Texas here drilling has indicated a large supply of natural gas that will play as a long-term energy source worldwide. This Shale play, along with others, promises to provide our nation and the world an opportunity for a clean energy source for future generations. This resource may also play a role in increasing the United States’ platform as a worldwide energy provider, reducing our dependence on other providers, and increasing our energy independence in a geopolitical debate for the future of nations and energy independence. More information about the Haynesville Shale can be found on the State of Louisiana Department of Natural Resources website.
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Download a copy of Dr. Loren Scott’s Haynesville Shale Report here.

Louisiana Oil & Gas Association (LOGA)

LOGA represents the independent and service sectors of Louisiana’s oil and gas industry. They aim to enhance the industry by creating incentives, discouraging tax increases, amending regulations, and educating the public and government about the importance of the oil and gas industry in Louisiana.