Economic Insight from the Dallas Federal Reserve

The GBEDF is thankful to its partners and for the opportunity to host the Dallas Federal Reserve in the region. It is important that northwest Louisiana is both represented and engaged in open dialogue of monetary policy discussion. Our region is home to critical industries which help to sustain not only the local economy but also contributes to the wider health of the U.S. economy.  Opportunities such as these allow us to better understand and discover new ways in which our local industries can contribute on the global scale.

Disruptions can be a good reminder of the region’s assets

Despite the necessary ‘distancing’ mandate by the Governor, these times have united the region more than divided. I am proud to both witness and be reminded of our strength when we work together. It is extraordinary to see partnerships formed amid a crisis. They are formed not for profit, but with the calling to support those in need while deploying the region’s greatest assets.

Modernization brings big opportunity for Northwest Louisiana

Opportunity abounds for gaming in Northwest Louisiana as the industry has the potential to take on a new incarnation. With the House nodding its approval of Senate Bill 316, the modernization of the nearly 25-year-old riverboat gaming laws will indeed impact our local industry.

Remaining competitive despite instability

Despite the state budget woes, Bossier has seen consistent progress due to the collaboration between the parish and city. Bossier is known for its positive business environment, willingness to partner for prosperity, and its innovative approach to planning for the future.