Cyber Innovation Center (CIC)

Bossier City, Louisiana is home to the Cyber Innovation Center at the National Cyber Research Park. This state-of-the-art research park focuses on protecting our nation’s interest by becoming the leader in cyber infrastructure research and technology development. The CIC, working very closely to the Cyber Combat Development Center, serves as a conduit between local, state and federal agencies, private industries and academic institutions, building a knowledge-based economy that supports cyber initiatives, education and workforce development. More information can be found on the CIC website.


After the 2014 announcement of CSRA locating 800 cyber based jobs to the National Cyber Research Park in Bossier, the company began construction of their 136,000 sq. ft. facility, slated for completion in summer of 2016. Partnered locally with CIC, State of Louisiana and the City of Bossier, CSRA continues their growth plan of cyber development with local universities and industry.  CSRA has a long history of delivering a broad range of innovative, next-generation IT solutions and professional services to help customers modernize their legacy systems, protect their networks and assets, and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of mission-critical functions for the country’s warfighters and citizens.

Louisiana Tech Research Institute (LTRI)

LTRI focuses on supporting the defense and intelligence communities by advancing applied research across three core areas: cyber, resiliency, and energy. LTRI gives the National Cyber Research Park (NCRP) and North Louisiana a tremendous competitive advantage.

The Louisiana Tech Research Institute (LTRI) is the formal recognition of the existing and productive partnership efforts between Louisiana Tech University and the Cyber Innovation Center (CIC). The goal of LTRI is to (1) enable Louisiana Tech University and CIC to secure new work (and thus jobs) in new ways from both industry and defense partners, (2) ensure critical work and personnel remain at Barksdale Air Force Base (BAFB) by providing the US Air Force with next-door access to a dedicated R&D/applied research center, (3) build focused competencies to attract talent and industry, and (4) serve as the official home for cyber-, defense-, and intelligence-related education, training, and workforce development programs for North Louisiana. Learn more on their website.


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