The GBEDF works to empower and enhance the local business market by working with existing businesses to grow and meet their customer demands throughout Bossier.

We work with entrepreneurs to look for mechanisms that appropriately fit their company’s needs to create new businesses that will enhance the lives of our citizens. The first thing that businesses need to organize is the legal side of things, such as employee safety, employee benefits and all the paperwork that is involved with setting up a business. Businesses could hire a lawyer like those at Scheid Cleveland LLC, who specialize in business law, and should hopefully ensure that the business is secure and if it is not a business lawyer could help to shorten the litigation process.
Getting the right merchant funding for their businesses is very important for the startup and progression of their business. If you don’t have the right funding, then will make it a lot harder for your business to be successful. You don’t want to have to worry about funding when you are halfway through the year and need to pay your employees. When you are starting a business you should be seriously considering about where you are going to store and keep data so it is safe. You need to be using an online system, so you can keep up, with the hopefully, high demand you’ll be experiencing. What is Digital Business Technology? It is an online system that connects all your IT networks into one place. This makes it easier for you to keep track of all the aspects of your business, therefore reducing any unnecessary worries, that the technology can handle. Nor do you want to worry about something as simple as if you can get these really useful boxes sizes to help you when it comes to storing things for your business. Plan ahead, get the funding you need, and you’ll be fine.

The GBEDF does this by:

  • Coordinating efforts between government and business
  • Providing information on sites, zoning and land use studies
  • Advocating business needs in the Legislature and among local Governments
  • Providing the step by step process on how to take advantage of state incentives for existing business growth
  • Advocating synergies to like industries that benefit one another
  • Providing economic indicators that can be used to determine the market that new and existing businesses are trying to reach.
  • Providing a forum for ideas in developing new business climate changes
  • Encouraging education options for workforce development through direct and indirect contributions.
  • Regional inclusion for job growth and market research.
  • Regional job market/labor studies


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